How to Calculate Linear Feet

Measuring linear footage for moving, flooring and more! 

Though linear footage may not be a measurement you have to deal with daily, you may need to know how to calculate it if you’re moving or planning a home improvement project. Let’s take a look at what a linear foot is, how to calculate it, and how it’s used to price long distance moves with U-Pack.  

What is a linear foot? 

A linear foot is exactly what it sounds like: a 12-inch (one-foot) measurement of length. For this measurement, width and height don’t matter! For example, if you have a piece of flooring that’s 5 feet long, 6 inches wide and 0.25 inches tall, it’s 5 linear feet. If another piece is 5 feet long, 3 inches wide and 0.5 inches tall, it’s still 5 linear feet. 

How do I measure it? 

To measure linear footage, start by measuring the length in inches. Then divide the total inches by 12. The length is the linear footage, so no fancy linear foot calculator is required. 

To convert linear feet to feet, there’s no math. A linear foot is a foot — it’s that easy! 

Tape measure measuring linear footage


Why does linear footage matter when moving with U-Pack

Measuring linear footage is important if you’re using a U-Pack moving trailer because we use it to help determine your rate. This means you only pay for the space you use (down to a 5-foot minimum) and you can easily keep track as you load! 

We’ll provide a quote for a certain amount of linear feet, based on the size of your home. Then, you can adjust the footage on your quote to see how the price would change if you use more or less space.

For example, say you get a quote for 19 feet of space in the trailer, but only use 17 feet. If your per-foot-adjustment rate is $50 (this will change from move to move), you can subtract $100 from your quoted price ($50/foot x 2 feet less space).  

Watch this video for a quick overview: 


How many linear feet will I need? 

The footage you’ll need will depend on how much you’re moving. Use this chart to get an idea of what to expect, keeping in mind that heavily furnished homes may need more space: 

Note: Your U-Pack moving quote will include a linear footage estimate based on the home size you enter. 

Number of Bedrooms U-Pack Trailer Space
<1 Room 5 linear ft. (min)
1 Room or Studio 6 linear ft.
1 Bedroom 7 linear ft.
2 Bedrooms 13 linear ft.
3 Bedrooms 17 linear ft.
4 Bedrooms 23 linear ft.
5+ Bedrooms 35 linear ft.



If you have more questions about how to calculate a linear foot or about moving with U-Pack, let us know — we’re happy to help.