Why Customers Choose U-Pack for Long-Distance Moving

Top reasons U-Pack is the best choice for moving out of state 

U-Pack is designed with ease and affordability in mind: you do the packing and loading, and we do the driving. And when you compare U-Pack’s price and low-stress service to other companies, it’s a no-brainer for long-distance moving.  

Kids play basketball as parents unload a U-Pack moving trailer


Here are three ways U-Pack stands out from the rest. 

Changing how much space you use is simple 

When you’re moving long-distance, being able to take everything you want with you matters. But it isn’t always easy to figure out how much space you’ll need to move it all. While there aren’t many options if you reserve the wrong size rental truck, thanks to our flexible equipment options, with U-Pack you can easily adjust the space and pay for what you use.   

How does that work? U-Pack offers two different types of moving equipment: trailers and containers. Based on your home size, we’ll recommend the amount of space you’ll need, but you aren’t locked into that amount. You can use more or less space than you were quoted in a trailer (down to a five-foot minimum), and pay only for the space you use. Or with ReloCubes, if you have an extra one delivered that ends up empty, you won’t pay for it. 

No surprises when it comes to price

You’ll know what to expect with U-Pack from the initial quote — no surprise fees and no worrying about filling up a gas-guzzling truck.  

Your moving quote shows the estimated space (and the cost if you use more/less), and the price includes the equipment, transportation, liability coverage and fuel. There are no added down payments or taxes. What you see is what you can expect to pay.  

Excellent customer service 

Your experience matters to us, and with so many things to coordinate during a long-distance move, you may have questions or need to make changes to your move. We make it easy to get the help you need online and over the phone. Use our website to quote, book and manage your move and check out our resources, articles and how-to guides to learn everything from how to read your quote to how to pack every item in your home.  

Or if you want a more personal touch, you can talk to one of our trained moving consultants based at our headquarters in Arkansas. If you have questions or concerns during the move, they’re just a phone call or email away.  

Want to take a closer look?

We make it simple to get a moving quote online or over the phone by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077. Want to know more about our service? Check out these links to compare us to other types of movers: